Thursday, April 15, 2010

My HAVElist as of April 14 2010

I am a new grad :) hooray! but then the over achiever within me still will only shout it out loud when I TOP the july 2010 NLE :)

I am so thankful to God that I was able to get this far. :)

this HAVElist -- hence the title HAVE, than wish, is because I am going to have these at the right time..

The law of attraction works!

so now I will share my list to you..material things first.

1. Ellana minerals : Sheer Velvet High definition mineral powder primer

*borrowed this pic from kikaytrekkie

I have read raves for this product and with its cheap price, plus my earnings selling ice candy ^-^ gets me all up in a jiffy!! I would like to get the 6g = 380 + shipping 50 php... the id and super ego are still fighting,,hmm..

you can get it here.

2. Digital Camera: Samsung ES60

LOVE to get the red or pink one :) I can get it a lot cheaper at kimstore for like 2k less than at mall dealers.

3. Etude house Duo Fiber Brush

At 428 php, I am such a sucker for cheap cheap replicas of MAC brushes. This would be perfect!!!

so there, I am a simple girl with simple needs people!

only 3 things at a time..

then maybe some stuff than I NEED to have

1. Eyebrow shaping,, my brows are unruly right now,,
2. A Bentosa massage --maybe save this for next month,, after a week of reviews,,
3. NEW shoes :)


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