Tuesday, November 17, 2009



1. Be on time.
2. Go first class in everything that you do.
3. Think that you are important.
4. Think that your work is important
5. Sell yourself high
6. Never be too available - have something to do!
7. Speak kind words
8. Be aware of how you judge others
9. Gratitude


Tips from the valedictorians

Keep your priorities straight - they will give you the passion to wake up in the morning.

Time management - discipline

Know what you really want

One cannot have everything so know what you want - for your future

Never neglect your responsibilities in school.



Commandments of moving on fabulously!

1. Don’t see him or talk to him.

Blocked his messages
Not texting him
Texting and calling other people instead!
Keeping busy

2. Keep yourself busy everyday!!

Studies / work
Having fun

3. NO slipping back!

Be strong!! All that you have worked for is for nothing if you go back. Make him realize that you are great and make yourself realize that you are great and deserve way better too!

4. It wont work unless you get your glow back.

You are still shredded, and there is time to heal.
don’t jump in a relationship too soon.
You have to get your glow back!



August 26 2009

12:37 am

New beginning

Good morning

I sent my greetings to newly 20 yr old Paolo at exactly 12 midnightJ
Lets start with a gratitude list

1. Thank you for freedom from fear.
2. Thank you for the wisdom
3. Thank you for the experience
4. Thank you for making me more beautiful than I already am.
5. Thank you for pointing me to the right direction.

Freedom from fear is what you get when you end a relationship with a cheater. Sometimes the most liberating phase of a post-betrayal breakup is the sudden realization that you are no longer sitting at home waiting for a phone call, spending the evening obsessively searching for evidence of an affair, or just imagining what might be going on behind your back - you're done with all that! The one deserving person you need to take care of now is yourself, and it is so much easier to relax and just love yourself when you're not in constant fear. Count this as a gigantic blessing!

“The best revenge is living well

This too shall pass

You are now free from fear

You have opened your door to your real Prince.”



October 26 2009 @ my room 4:54 pm

Before I had Emily, I had these planners at home, well, I didn’t follow the dates in them and just scribbled at random. I saw my 2009 check list that my 2008 self and spent most of her time (lazy time) to make.

Let me show you

1. Drive
Ok, I have driven before but still, my student license has long been over due. Its going to expire in 12/19/2009.. The only thing it was good for this year is an ID to get in clubs.

Solution: Go to the nearest LTO, pay the man and pass the exams. License claimed!

2. Bathe at Majayjay falls again.
Oh if ever I be again so fortunate to bathe at those falls again, I will. But then pesky armed men have surrounded the mountain so I guess I have another piece of paradise.

Solution: Travel and appreciate it when given the chance!

3. Gain Weight
This one is a hard, I really am for this but only in vain,,, but then I am taking steps J

Solution : I am on something I just started this month (yup its October, but better late than never!)

4. Swim with the whale sharks in the middle of the ocean again.
Snorkeling and looking at the sharks and corals singing Michael Buble’s “Beyond the sea” was just heaven.

Solution: There will be other places to travel so I would go to that path instead, there are a lot of places and not just with the sharks.

5. Taste exotic foods.
Oh and this year I did!


6. Learn to cook.
Er, no,,,,

Solution : Do I want this to be solved? Hmm well, I would never want to be a housewife and I can make you the best potato chips! -- yup you should taste them.

7. Hula hoop
I did this, for about a month and summer months of 2009 and I am going to do it these coming summer months too.


So you have seen the check list and I have ticked of a few, the driving this has a ticking clock to it so I definitely should do that. But then this year, really unexpected things has happened,, but of course whatever it maybe, I did and will still come out happy and glamorous!


Friday, November 6, 2009


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Having sweet smelling babies are my greatest goal and joy in life. No plastic babies will ever come near the real thing :)