Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I have my own Etude house duo fibre brush :)

yey! thanks MOM :)
got it for 428 php at the SM Megamall branch.
I was also happy to see an Ellana stand in the Supermarket!!

I absolutely love it to bits! washed it and not one hair shed :)

We also went to the MAC counter and I compared it to the 188 and they are so similar, it was like the ferrule and handle was the only difference but the size, shape, hair density, distribution and texture are the same.

I recommend it to everybody pro and amateur.

The application of liquid foundation was a breeze and it SAVES a lot of product.

I would say I would choose this rather than a 187 or a dupe of 187 because I really don't think the size would be good for precise blush application.

Talking about blush application, this brush really does its job! Especially for those really pigmented ones which are a bane to apply using a powder brush.

I love it and its a really good investment. :)

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