Tuesday, January 5, 2010


The Essentials

I was just rummaging through my stuff looking for my earring, so I just threw stuff on my bed. I found some essential items to keep me sane grooming wise. Most of them are cheap stuff but give more value for what you pay for.

1. Eye mask
Heaven sent me this one definitely. I sleep like a baby when I wear this to bed and I wake up refreshed. Good for sleeping in because it will make you sleep faster and longer. For those like me who want to wake up early, just keep an alarm clock beside you and still wake up refreshed.

2. Sunglasses
I need graded lenses for my myopia and astigmatism so having a classic pair to protect my eyes are essential. Oh by the way, my adoration with Robert Pattinson kicked in when I chose the pair.

3. Stress Tabs
Ok, The thing is, I didn’t expect their effects on me. I thought that they would give me energy come duty time, but no, they make me sleepy after and thus giving me a good afternoon rest. They do take the stress away by de-stressing and relaxing you to the point of Zzzzz….beauty sleep.

4. Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)
Being a nursing student and living inside a hospital, I am exposed to sick people all the time. A healthy immune system is definitely a must if you want to survive. Also the glow it brings to your skin is a bonus.

5. Bath and body works : Dancing waters fragrance mist.
A staple in my bag, just the right clean scent to energize my mornings. I have a bottle in my house and in my dorm closet just in case. Yup, its that good.

6. Baby Bench colonia : Bubble gum.
I got it this Christmas and I used this on my grade school days. Its not opened yet but the familiar scent is enticing, good for an afternoon spritz.

6. Bobbie nail polish in Pussy Red
This shade is applauded for, not just for ehem the name but how it makes your hands look vampirishly pale in certain lighting. Good for all skin tones and channeling the Volturi guard look.

7. Nivea Lip balm in Strawberry kiss
Staple in my HS days, for my love of all things red and juicy, its nostalgic scent and feel makes lips soft, smooth and well, juicy.

8. Lactacyd baby bath : lactoserum lactic acid
I use it as my facial wash. Its an anti-septic for sensitive skin. It does its job to clean my skin without the harshness and frills of other facial washes.

9. St. Ives Timeless skin Apricot scrub renew and firm.
I love how it smoothens my face and relieves it of unsightly bumps after a week of using. Use it 2-3 times a week because daily would be harsh. My skin is still young and to keep it young looking, exfoliation is a good way to go. Don’t forget the SPF ladies.

10.DELON+ Mango body butter
This body butter smells oh so fresh and delicious! You want hands, elbows and knees that feel like butter, try this.

11. Bench pretty when pinched lip and cheek tint.
This Water resistant wear makes for longer and radiant cheeks. Apply after moisturizing the face for a more even application.

12. Maybelline face powder
I am not buying the 8 hour wear it claims, but how it makes your face look smooth and fresh is definitely true. I have been using this for a long time and my 199 php went a long way with this product.

13. Everyday minerals flat top brush.
This one I had to splurge for and had it delivered to my doorstep from the states. BECAUSE ITS THAT GOOD. The softest ever, I will never go back to other brushes again if its not this soft. Just google it and a million hits will appear for this internationally applauded face brush.

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