Tuesday, January 5, 2010



Ever since high school, I have been known to be addicted to eyelash curlers and have even been curling my lower lashes (it’s a technique envied by everybody). But lets face the truth, no matter how much they claim that applying mascara after will open up your eyes, they just turn those precisely curled lashes stick straight - especially mine. Then 4th year college came, I was sitting beside a classmate and gasped in amazement on seeing how her lashes stayed sky high curled and volumized! The secret ladies is LASH PERMING.

Ok so its been here a long time and to my obsession with having pretty porcelain doll’s eyes, I immediately rushed to the nearest salon for lash perming.

I definitely recommend this to everyone, I have turned my friend into a follower of the treatment. We went to Lets Face it salon SM Mall of Asia branch, for 280 php they perm lashes on both eyes.

All you need after is the maintenance with mascara. It would last for 1-2 months for a first timer then 2-3 for succeeding treatments.


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