Tuesday, November 17, 2009


August 26 2009

12:37 am

New beginning

Good morning

I sent my greetings to newly 20 yr old Paolo at exactly 12 midnightJ
Lets start with a gratitude list

1. Thank you for freedom from fear.
2. Thank you for the wisdom
3. Thank you for the experience
4. Thank you for making me more beautiful than I already am.
5. Thank you for pointing me to the right direction.

Freedom from fear is what you get when you end a relationship with a cheater. Sometimes the most liberating phase of a post-betrayal breakup is the sudden realization that you are no longer sitting at home waiting for a phone call, spending the evening obsessively searching for evidence of an affair, or just imagining what might be going on behind your back - you're done with all that! The one deserving person you need to take care of now is yourself, and it is so much easier to relax and just love yourself when you're not in constant fear. Count this as a gigantic blessing!

“The best revenge is living well

This too shall pass

You are now free from fear

You have opened your door to your real Prince.”


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